10994459_1640521572873505_1252743273289989575_nGoing forward, wines submitted to the Journal will get the Vine Vault treatment, which means every single wine being submitted to the Journal will be received and stored in a temperature and humidity controlled locker, inside the vault of a former Bank of America building in the heart of downtown Austin.

Never before has it been easier and more secure to submit wines to the Journal

Our partnership with Vine Vault also provides the Journal space where panel tastings will be held each month, which means less handling of wines and more scheduling flexibility and opportunity.

In addition, utilizing the beautiful spaces available to the Journal, we will be able to further our reach into the community by building unique Texas wine experiences and educational opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: starting in 2016 the bottle requirement for submissions has increased to 3 bottles. This is so we can create unique Texas wine experiences and educational opportunities for both consumers and the trade, which is intended to add value to each producer’s submission. 


Ship Wines To

Vine Vault
ATTN: Texas Wine Journal
501 Congress Ave #100
Austin, TX 78701

Journal Requirements

  • Complete the Journal Submission Form – Include it with your shipment or email it to dkelada.twj@gmail.com
  • The Journal will only evaluate and rate wines made of grapes; including French, American and hybrid species according to the published tasting schedule. ALL wines must be labeled with a Texas appellation; meaning it must contain a minimum of 75% Texas fruit. No FSITO wine will be accepted.
  • Three (3) 750 ml. bottles are required for each wine submitted
  • All wine submissions are tax deductible. If you need a receipt for your contribution email your request to danielkelada@txwfc.org.