Washington Post Praises McPherson Tre Colore In Today’s Column

Dave McIntyre, the wine columnist for the Washington Post, recently attended TEXSOM and had a number of nice things to say on Twitter about the various Texas wines he tried during his stay in Dallas. Now, he’s taken to his weekly column to recommend one of his favorites today, as part of a roundup of recommended summer wines.

He praised McPherson Cellars Tre Colore 2013, describing it as “A delicious Rhone-style blend of mourvedre and carignan, with the white grape viognier thrown in to brighten the wine’s aromas. McPherson is Texas’s most consistent winery, and all its wines are worth trying.”

We’ll be releasing what we think of McPherson Tre Colore, and other red blends from Texas wineries, in the coming weeks. The red blends ratings will be the first ones we publish using our newly-adopted system, which uses a 20-point rating system accounting for appearance, smell, taste and overall impressions, which is then converted to the 100-point rating system that consumers are more familiar with. To learn more about our rating system, visit this page of the site.


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