How Will the Napa Quake Affect the Texas Wine Industry?

This past week, KSAT-TV, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio, ventured out to Bending Branch Winery in Comfort to talk about the recent earthquake that rocked the Napa Valley, wondering how it might affect wine production there, and how that might impact Texas wine prices.

Bending Branch founder John Riverburgh started the story expressing sympathy for the winemakers in Napa, noting that wineries who lost barreled and bottled wine due to the quake lost literally years of work. Riverburgh, like many other Texas winemakers, faced challenges last year due to freezing weather across the state that diminished harvest yields. He noted that there could be a silver lining for Napa winemakers — there might be “a mystique” around the 2014 Napa wines now that they’ll be in more limited supply.

Though Riverburgh didn’t think what happened in Napa would affect wine prices in Texas, he did think that wine tourism in Texas might actually increase due to some people’s hesitation to travel to the region. As Riverburgh told KSAT, “‘Maybe they might (say,) ‘Earthquake? Let’s go to Texas'” Rivenburgh said.

The full story (which includes some praise for Bending Branch from visitors) is available on the KSAT site here.

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