Sangiovese – 2014

The Sangiovese category featured 12 wines (12 producers and 3 single vineyards) that came from grapes sourced from across the state; eight (67%) were appellated Texas and four (33%) from the Texas High Plains. The average prices of the wines submitted was $24, which ranged from $15 to $43 and included the following: 1 from the 2007 vintage, 1 from 2010, 4 from 2011, 5 from 2012 and 1 was from the 2013 vintage. 

The Top 5 Rated Sangioveses:

  1. Flat Creek Estate, Texas, ‘Super Texan’ 2012 – Highly Recommended – $20

  2. Duchman Family Winery, Texas High Plains, Reddy Vineyard, Sangiovese, 2011 – Highly Recommended – $25

  3. McPherson Cellars, Texas, Sangiovese, 2012 – Highly Recommended – $16

  4. Wedding Oak Winery, Texas High Plains, Sangiovese, 2012 – Recommended – $30

  5. William Chris Vineyards, Texas, Sangiovese, 2012 – Recommended –  $43

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A Look Inside The Journal


From the SAHMmelier: An Enchanted Weekend (Comparing Two Tempranillos)

Alissa Leenher, who blogs about Texas wine over at The SAHMmelier, recently posted about a weekend trip she made to Enchanted Rock with her family. Anyone who’s been there knows it’s a gorgeous and quintessentially Texas destination; she made it more interesting by comparing two Tempranillos — one from Spain and one from Texas’ own Duchman Winery. Check out her article to see how the two wines compared, how they complimented some fantastic meals, and how they helped make a fantastic Texas weekend even more fantastic (and, ultimately, more Texan!).




Food and Wine’s Ray Isle praises Texas wines for magazine’s video series

This great recent accolade for Texas wines (in particular, for Bending Branch’s Tannat Reserve) comes courtesy of Ed Tijerina at the San Antonio Express-News — last week, he posted about Food & Wine’s Ray Isle (a native Texan and a big fan of Texas wines, as evidenced by past appearances at the Austin Food & Wine Festival). Isle released a short video segment naming Texas one of the magazine’s recommended “Underrated Wine Regions” in the magazine’s fun Pull the Cork series. If you like, you can go to the video directly — though you’ll miss Tijerina’s gentle ribbing/geography lesson, which you’d expect from a San Antonio paper reacting to Isle’s generous estimation of Bending Branch being located “near Austin.”

All in all, it’s great to see Texas wines being noted and lauded by such a respected and nationally-known wine critic, and it’s great to see the Express-News taking notice.

From the SAHMmelier: Toast and Roast Review

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be featuring articles from Alissa Leenher, who blogs about Texas wine over at The SAHMmelier, in the coming months — including both original content for Texas Wine Journal and links to articles originally appearing on her site.

She reviewed this past Sunday’s Toast and Roast event at Rancho Cuernavaca, which was promising from the get-go. Combine Jessica Dupuy’s selections for Best Texas Wines of 2014 with Chef John Bates (from Noble Sandwich Co.), to benefit the Wine & Food Foundation of Texas, all curated by Matt McGinnis, and there’s just a whole lot for us to like about it. The weather wasn’t as cooperative as it might have been, but as Alissa and her friend found, the cold and damp weather created the backdrop for an event with all kinds of warmth (and good wine).

Check it out here — it’s a great read about a great event.