Top 10 Tempranillo- 2016

Top 10 Tempranillo of 2016

The panel tasted the Tempranillo category on November 17th and featured 29 wines from 19 producers and 9 single vineyards with the category split between 45% being Texas High Plains wines, 45% being Texas and the remaining 10% consisting of Texas Hill Country and Texoma AVAs. The panel demonstrated an acute degree of consensus with average Panel Consensus score of 0.63, which means that on average the judges on the panel tastes within 2.52 points of each other on a 100 point scale.

The following judges participated in this tasting:

  1. Peter Gatti
  2. Sam Hovland
  3. Miguel Lecuona
  4. Nathan Prater
  5. Mark Rashap
  6. Ron Weiss
  7. Rae Wilson

Top 3

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