Top 10 Dry Rose – 2017

Top 10 Dry Rose of 2017

The panel tasted the Dry Rose category on March 15th that featured 27 Texas wines from 21 producers split between 48% being labeled as Texas, 41% being Texas High Plains and the remaining 11% being from Texas Hill Country. That average score across the category was 81 points, but the average category score of the Top 10 and Top 3 are 87 points and 90 points respectively.  The panel demonstrated an acute degree of consensus with average Panel Consensus score of 0.53, which means that on average the judges on the panel tastes within 2.12 points of each other on a 100 point scale.

The following judges participated in this tasting:

  1. Oscar Montes Iga
  2. Mark Rashap
  3. Jennifer Beckmann
  4. Steve Alley
  5. Daniela Dasuta
  6. Ron Weiss
  7. Nathan Prater
  8. Rob Moshein
  9. Jesse Brantley

Top 3