TOP 10 White Blends – 2017

Tasting Notes:

The panel tasted the White Blends category on May 24th and featured 19 wines from 15 producers. The category was split between 42% of the wines being from the Texas High Plains, 47% from Texas and the remaining 11% consisting of wines from the Texas Hill Country. The panel demonstrated an acute degree of consensus with average Panel Consensus score of 0.50, which means that on average the judges on the panel tastes within 2.00 points of each other on a 100 point scale.

The category was tasted by:

  1. Mark Rashap
  2. Rae Wilson
  3. Peter Gatti
  4. Shawn Croft
  5. Jon Gerber
  6. Daniela DaSuta

TOP 3 White Blends