TOP 10 ROSE – 2018

Category Overview:

The panel tasted the Dry Rose category over the course of two months on May 16 and June 20, 2018. It featured 42 wines from 26 producers, including 2 “world” wines from Cote de Provence and Ventoux France. The regional breakdown included 45% of the wines from the Texas High Plains, 26% from the Texas Hill Country and the remaining 24% consisting of wines labeled Texas. In regards to Type, 60% of the wines were labeled by the varietal and the remaining 40% were blends.  The panel demonstrated a high degree of consensus that is considered a normal statistical deviation with an average Panel Consensus score of 0.60, which means that on average the judges on the panel tastes within 2.40 points of each other on a 100 point scale. Category Average Score: 83 points. Top 3 Average Score: 91 points

Category Judged By:

  1. Steve Alley
  2. Shawn Croft
  3. Daniela DaSuta
  4. Jon Gerber
  5. Sam Hovland
  6. Oscar Montes Iga
  7. Mary McMican
  8. Mark Rashap
  9. Daniel Rodriguez

TOP 3 ROSE – 2018