The mission of the Texas Wine Journal is to build awareness and educate consumers, producers, distributors and retailers about the unique expression of Texas wines.  The organization provides independent, credible and objective ratings, as well as comprehensive reports, and consumer and trade events.

The Texas Wine Journal’s mission is to build awareness for Texas wines through independent, credible and objective ratings. Through consensus, as opposed to the voice and opinions of a single judge, we can generate better insight and a more comprehensive guide.

Journal ratings are based on tastings by a panel of judges; of which a five-judge quorum is required. All wines are tasted under single blind conditions and organized based on peer group (meaning that the same types of wines are tasted against each other and the producers’ names are not known). Price is also not a known factor when the panel meets.

Each producer receives notice of their wine’s rating prior to any rating being published. Ratings will be held in confidence if the producer chooses not to allow its publication. The exception to this rule is if a wine rates in the top five of its respective category. The rating will also be included as part of the population of ratings to be analyzed for trends within the category, which is presented as a category report. Only wines scoring 80 points or higher will be published. Wines that are considered flawed or atypical are re-tasted.

All wines are evaluated on a standardized form based on a 20-point score. The 20-point score is converted to a 100 point score using the same conversion method that Decanter Magazine uses. In addition to pointed ratings, a consumer rating will be provided in the form of Recommended and Highly Recommended wines.