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Food and Wine’s Ray Isle praises Texas wines for magazine’s video series

This great recent accolade for Texas wines (in particular, for Bending Branch’s Tannat Reserve) comes courtesy of Ed Tijerina at the San Antonio Express-News — last week, he posted about Food & Wine’s Ray Isle (a native Texan and a big fan of Texas wines, as evidenced by past appearances at the Austin Food & Wine Festival). Isle released a short video segment naming Texas one of the magazine’s recommended “Underrated Wine Regions” in the magazine’s fun Pull the Cork series. If you like, you can go to the video directly — though you’ll miss Tijerina’s gentle ribbing/geography lesson, which you’d expect from a San Antonio paper reacting to Isle’s generous estimation of Bending Branch being located “near Austin.”

All in all, it’s great to see Texas wines being noted and lauded by such a respected and nationally-known wine critic, and it’s great to see the Express-News taking notice.