History & Mission

of the Texas Wine Journal

The Texas Wine Journal was predicated on the event series Texas vs. The World ®  in which on a monthly basis our current Tasting Director would host a tasting event in as many as four cities around Texas where consumers, producers and industry professionals would gather to taste through 20 or so wines of a single category under double blind conditions. In those tastings guests would be instructed to rate wines on a 100 point scale utilizing a simplified calculation grid. The results from each city were analysed and reported on. Due to increasing demand to evaluate more wines the event series gave way to the publication that is now the Texas Wine Journal.

This meant we had to adopt a more serious approach to the evaluation methods and ensure consistency in application and methodology – see About TWJ 20-Point Evaluation Form for more information on how over the course of eleven months and six category tastings we arrived at the evaluation methodology we use today.


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