Hi There!

I wanted to include a private note with the survey notice, in hopes that I can express to you directly why your feedback at this time is so important.

It’s an interesting time for the Journal to say the least. 2016 marks the beginning of our third year and with it comes tremendous opportunities as well as hurdles.  As we plan and push for initiatives that support our mission it’s vitally important that we make sure the industry we are trying to add value to is able to give feedback, so that we can guide our initiatives with the industry at mind.

Since our first panel tasting in December of 2013 (Viognier), 64 producers have submitted 382 wines that were evaluated by a minimum, five judge quorum that reached a level of consensus well within what is considered statistically normal (the panel tastes within 2.6 points of each other on a 100 point scale). During this time the panel has spent 85 hours (that’s per judge) rating wines and I’ve spent 442 hours analyzing and organizing the data into something worth publishing, and hopefully worth reading, sharing and talking about.

We are at a point now where there is enough work done to be critical of not only the content being produced, but also the value that we are striving to provide. It’s for this reason I’m asking for your feedback on the producer survey. Your feedback now will help us review where we have been so that we can plan for where we want to go.

A big thank you in advance for giving of your time and thoughts to completing this survey.

Kind Regards,