2016 Ratings Report

We tasted only 7 categories but more wines per category than in previous years.  The 2016 categories were:  Tempranillo, Syrah/Shiraz, Viognier, Roussanne, White Blends, Dry Rose, and Other Red Varietals.

2015 Ratings Report

We expanded our tastings to include 9 categories in 2015:  Syrah/Shiraz, White Blends, Viognier, Roussane, Dry Rose, Blanc Du Bois, Red Blends, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.

2014 Ratings Report

This is our first year we began to collect data on Texas wines.  The judges tasted 7 categories:  Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Blanc Du Bois, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Red Blends, and White Blends.


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The Texas Wine Journal is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build awareness for Texas wines through independent, credible and objective ratings. The Texas Wine Journal grew out of a series of events we call  Texas vs. The World ®, in which on a monthly basis our current Tasting Director would host a tasting event in as many as four cities around Texas where consumers, producers, and industry professionals would gather to taste through 20 or so wines of a single category under double-blind conditions.  Guests would then rate the wines and each cities results would be analyzed and reported.  As this event grew the demand for ongoing evaluation of Texas wines gave way to the founding of the Texas Wine Journal.  

Each month now the Texas Wine Journal brings together a panel of judges to taste a specific varietal and all wines are tasted under single-blind conditions and organized based on peer group (meaning that the same types of wines are tasted against each other and the producers’ names are not known). Price is also not a known factor when the panel meets.  The ratings are then published to the public on our site and the producers who submitted the wines are given a more in-depth report.  Learn more about how we rate wines.

If you are a producer it is free submit wines to our judges panel to have your wine evaluated. Each producer receives notice of their wine’s rating prior to any rating being published. Ratings will be held in confidence if the producer chooses not to allow its publication. The exception to this rule is if a wine rates in the top five of its respective category. The rating will also be included as part of the population of ratings to be analyzed for trends within the category, which is presented as a category report. Only wines scoring 80 points or higher will be published. Wines that are considered flawed or atypical are re-tasted.  Learn more. 


  • Single-blind (price and producer are not known)
  • Peer Group (similar grape or style)
    • Minimum 5 Judge quorum
  • Standardized 20-Point Evaluation Methodology
  • Decanter Magazine 20-point to 100-point conversation
  • Measurably objective analysis and results

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News & Stories


TOP 10 Rose - 2018

The panel tasted the Tempranillo category over the course of two months on May 16 and June 20, 2018. It featured 42 wines from 26 producers, including 2 “world” wines from Cote de Provence and Ventoux France.
Texas vineyard

Top 10 Italian Red Varietals - 2017

The panel tasted the Italian Red Varietal category on November 17th, 2017. It featured 22 wines from 15 producers, including 2 “world” wines from Tuscany and Abruzzo Italy.  Learn more about how these wines did.

Top 10 Roussanne - 2017

The panel tasted the Roussanne category on June 21st and again on October 18th. It featured 14 wines from 11 producers. The featured wines from the Texas High Plains exclusively. Learn how these wines scored.

Top 10 Viognier - 2017

The panel tasted the Viognier category on June 21st and again on October 18th. It featured 14 wines from 13 producers, including 2 “world” wines from Virginia and Mont Ventoux (Provence). Learn more about how these wine rated.

Top 10 Red Blends - 2017

The panel tasted the Red Blends category on July 19th and featured 28 wines from 13 producers, including 2 “world” wines from Virginia and Languedoc. Learn more about how these wines did.

Get To Know Our Judges - Interview with Ron Weiss

Read about one of our Texas Wine Journal panel judges, Ron Weiss. Learn about his background and how he got into wine.

Get to Know Our Judges - interview with Rob Moshein

Learn more about our Texas Wine Journal judges. Interview with Rob Moshein.

Top 10 Dry Rose - 2017

The panel tasted the Dry Rose category on March 15th that featured 27 Texas wines from 21 producers split between 48% being labeled as Texas, 41% being Texas High Plains and the remaining 11% being from Texas Hill Country. That average…

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