The value and benefit that the Journal provides to producers is simple; we provide independent, credible, transparent and objective evaluations and ratings of Texas wines.

A panel of judges was established because a single person with the expertise and experience to be the sole objective authority on Texas wine ratings doesn’t fully exist yet. The panel is by its nature comprehensive; intended to represent several areas of expertise and channels within the industry, including hospitality, retail, distribution, journalism, marketing, education, production and consulting. The averaged ratings and therefore the consensus of the panel provides the ultimate objective lens with which to view wines the Journal reviews and rates. 

A subscription to TWJ Evaluation Reports is the feedback loop to producers about how and why their wines were rated the way they were. Every judge evaluates each wine on the same technical evaluation and rating form, anonymously. The forms are collected, organized, scanned and archived.

The subscription is a means for producers to receive the archived forms for their wines, and their wines only. Every producer will, upon his or her first submission to the Texas Wine Journal (starting May 1, 2014) receive a free subscription to TWJ Evaluation Reports for the first three wines submitted. Beyond that, a yearly subscription will be available to purchase, which will be required in order to continue receiving evaluation and rating forms for each wine submitted. This purchase is a tax-deductible contribution to the Texas Wine Journal a 501c(3) organization and a subsidiary of the Texas Wine Consortium. All revenue generated as a result of subscriptions goes towards the betterment of the Journal.

Per Journal publication standards, no wine scoring below 75 points will be published on the site as part of the online rating series. The evaluation forms for wines that do score below 75 points will be sent to producers free of charge, regardless of whether or not they are TWJ Evaluation Report subscribers.

More information regarding subscription rates to TWJ Evaluation Reports will be available soon.

In addition to transparent, juried ratings with a built in feedback loop, the Journal is continuously finding ways to promote Journal ratings through community and industry partnerships, pr campaigns, promotional programs and end of the year Top Texas Wines roadshows. More information about these benefits will be available soon.